Oracle Deck

Reinventing Oracle.
We reinvented Oracle so we can put its magic in everyone’s hands. Simple, yet descriptive images merge with text that completely describes the meaning, making leaflets not needed. Now all you have to do is pull a card.
Now $34.99, or with 10% off in the Oracle Bundle.

Small package.
Big ideas.

Oracle Deck is made to go everywhere with you. There’s 52 cards in 6x9cm size, and it all weighs less than 160g.
Oracle Deck was made to understand you, not to force you to understand it. It’s the first deck of its kind that puts the full meanings of the cards right on the card itself, while the illustrations carry more additional meanings if you’d like to look into them deeper.
The “ENDINGS” card is a perfect example of this. It symbolises the light at the end of the tunnel, the new beginnings and opportunities within the endings themselves.
Each Oracle Deck we sell, we donate a tree for. And when you get the Oracle Bundle, we donate 3 trees for planting. We’re doing way more help than harm.

We're committed to being 100% green and we make no exceptions about it.