Astrodeck Sticker pack

We know you loved Astrodeck’s characters. That’s why we’re bringing them to a pack of 15 big, robust stickers.

For $19.99 or with 10% off in the Oracle Bundle.

Stick wherever.

And we mean it. Every sticker in Astrodeck Sticker pack is made from the same material they make car decals from. They’re completely waterproof, and don’t wear down from UV exposure.

There’s a design for every sign, and select 3 designs from the houses.

Each design is cut from an 8x8cm square. They’re big!

Each Astrodeck Sticker pack we sell, we donate a tree for. And when you get the Oracle Bundle, we donate 3 trees for planting. We’re doing way more help than harm.

We're committed to being 100% green and we make no exceptions about it.