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Modern design meets the ancient practice of astrology to create the most versatile deck ever. The Degrees Theory, Tarot card associations and meaningful use of color make it unlike any other.
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Incredibly information dense.
Shockingly uncluttered.

Astrodeck manages to pack an unseen before amount of information into a card, while keeping the design clean and consistent. You have a virtually unlimited amount of information to pick from, and all of this in a 6x9cm format.
12 cards for the signs. The element and modality sit below the name of the card, while the ruler is show on the bottom left. At the center sits the tarot card association, and on the right of it – Nikola Stojanovic’s Degrees Theory. Every single card also includes the basic meanings and interpretations.
Its most important quality, though, is color. Each color in Astrodeck carries intuitive meaning. Red means passion, yellow means desire, blue means knowledge, purple means intuition, white means purity, and so on! Analyze how the colors on each card merge to find out more about the energy of it.
12 cards for the planets with the same color science and symbolism behind them. When a traditional planet rules more than one sign, both signs are shown on the bottom left.
Some asteroid cards for additional interpretative value, and there’s even cards for the Full and New Moon and the lunar nodes.
More aspect cards than any other deck – we even included the inconjunction.
12 cards for the houses, with more keywords.
Each Astrodeck we sell, we donate a tree for. And when you get the Oracle Bundle, we donate 3 trees for planting. We’re doing way more help than harm.

We're committed to being 100% green and we make no exceptions about it.

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